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Transformation Thursday: Grandpa’s Lil Angel

Theme: Grandpa’s Lil Angel
Type: Digital Design
Size: 12×12 Template
Sketch Inspiration: Scrapbook Idea Book – Volume 10. Sketch posted 10/15/2011
Materials: 4 photos
Paper: 4 – 4 patterns, 1 date tag, 1 journaling tag
Font: Word Art – Pxl Cafe Digital Kit
Main Colors: Green, Orange
Supporting Colors: Pink
Embellishments: Faux flowers, worm, swirls, alpha set, brads, hanging hearts, buttons, beaded string
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Sources: Pxl Cafe Digital Kits: Happy Days, Angie’s Journal It, It’s Elementary
Tips: Capture the rare moments. Grandpa Wayne is not one to smile often. He’s usually more serious and sometimes intimidating. The design aims to capture the rare moment when he finally decided to smile. Kids will bring out the best in you everytime.

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Transformation Thursday: About Me

Theme: About Me
Type: Digital Design
Size: 12×12 Template
Sketch Inspiration: KiddyKit Designs. Sketch posted 8/9/2011
Materials: 2 photos
Papers: 5 – 5 patterns
Font: VonFont, JasmineUPC
Main Colors: Blue
Supporting Colors: Green, Yellow
Embellishments: Balloons, moon, stars, book, toys, clouds, tags, decorative swirls
Sources: KiddyKit Designs Digital Elements
Details: Kids will never know the sacrifices that are made by parents. Being an auntie I also don’t realize the sacrifice but I am like a parent in that I would do anything for the children in my life.

The birth of my nephew was a scary time, the family was on edge thinking we could lose my sister. This was Try’s first kid and she was all alone, it hurts me to think of how scared she was without her family to help her through. My mom got a parents worst call informing her my sister was on the edge of life; she needed to fly to Washington immediately; we were all shell shocked. But nothing beats the power of prayer, hope and faith.
I look at my nephew, my sister and her husband. I silently say thank you father for your blessings and mercy. You are an awesome sister and mother. Your sacrifice tells the world you have the heart of a angel.

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Template Tuesday – Featured Template: About Me

Inspiration Source: KiddyKit Designs
Basic Materials: 12×12 design template, 8 Elements – 2 photos, 5 papers: 5 patterns, 1 potential embellishment
Supporting Materials: Color swatch
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Details: The birth of my nephew was a scary time for my family. We feared losing my sister who had a challenging delivery. No parents wants to get the call – “come immediately your daughter is dying.” No family wants to live in antipication of hearing today was a day of lost. God’s blessings saved the day. Two siblings later my sister is the healthy happy woman she was destined to be. I love you sis.
Upcoming: Check back 8/11/2011 for the final design

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Design Thursday – Featured Design: Thanks 2 Autumn

Thanksgiving is a day to remember to give thanks for blessings big and small. It’s a time for reflection, a time when all is right with the world if only for a moment.

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with the in-laws. That in itself was a challenge, let’s just say we all didn’t get along. Adults will always be problematic but the kids had a blast.

Autumn was 21 months old and still the baby of the family. She had smiles, and laughter to go around, releasing the tension in the air. The men played dominoes, the ladies dealt with the food, the children ran everywhere. The event was one to be remembered.

To recreate: layer paper on top of blue patterned paper. add photo cluster – include balloons and hearts diecuts, add a strip of blue patterned paper between the flower cluster and add to the layered papers, add flower pot and photo, add to the layered pattern paper, add journal strips with journaling, and title.

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