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The Early Years

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Having children is no easy task. Personally, I am merely an auntie and I wondered at times how I would survive. During the first few weeks we  think: how cute, we want to hold them all the time, hearing them cry breaks our heart, we dote and dote and dote. Unfortunately those feelings won’t last long, they wear off quicker than you’d imagine. Instead our thoughts become: when will they become more independent, we long for the day when they will sleep through the night, we no longer want to hold them all the time – we need time to continue with our daily tasks, when will they use the potty – cleaning diapers is torture. You might think yourself to be bad parents for having these thoughts but kids are challenging.

During these times, time keeps on ticking. It never stops and those innocent babies grow; growing happens quickly; sooner than you think they are little characters of they own. It is only when this happens that you take a moment to reflect. It’s at this time you begin to wonder where did the time go? If only you could have those earlier days back. If you think twice about it however, it’s really not what you want at all.

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Manic Monday – Just Another Manic Monday

Today is the second day of the year and a very sad day it is. It is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow I must return to work. I do miss my team, and some of my work colleagues, but I don’t miss the office for a moment.
This year, I’m determined to find a way to work it all out – making the income, loving the work, and building necessary relationships.
To make it through the day I listen to my inner voice. It tells me: “I can do this, think positive, relax, ignore the fact that I have no other option than to return to work, make the most of the day.” My inner voice is not helpful today. Instead I turn to another form of relaxation: my designs.
I reach for a coloring page and find joy in a childhood pastime. It is the best form of relaxation. I pass the time coloring and watching Once Upon a Time.
Hours later and I’ve made it through another Manic Monday. Tomorrow new challenges await.

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Transformation Thursday: Celebrate Good Times

Theme: Celebrate Good Times
Type: Digital Design
Size: 12×12 Template
Sketch Inspiration: The Scrapbook Idea Book Vol 10. Sketch posted 12/8/2011
Materials: 11 photos
Paper: 4 – 3 patterns, 1 plain
Main Colors: Orange
Supporting Colors: Yellow, Red
Embellishments: Glasses, banner, wordart, brads, buttons, windmill, flowers, sticks, circle diecut, heart, swirl, frame
Sources: Pxl Cafe: Bright and Fun Digital Kit,
Goal: Kids get so attached to stuff. Sunglasses is his attachment for the moment.I wonder what the new attachment will be next summer.

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Template Tuesday – Featured Template: Celebrate Good Times

Inspiration Source: The Scrapbook Idea Book Vol 10
Basic Materials: 12×12 design template, 11 Elements – 9 photo, 2 papers: 2 patterns
Supporting Materials: Color swatch
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Suggestions: Crop photos to remove distraction and to fit many photos on our layout
Upcoming: Check back 12/8/2011 for the final design

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Manic Monday Bonus Transformation: Splish Splash

Theme: Splish Splash
Type: Digital Design
Size: 12×12 Template
Sketch Inspiration: KiddyKit Designs. Sketch will be posted 12/6/2011
Materials: 3 photos
Paper: 3 – 1 pattern, 2 plain
Main Colors: Red, Pink
Supporting Colors: Creme
Embellishments: Frames, doodle shapes
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Tips: Crop photos creating by using layering
Goal: Summer days in New York are hot and often uncomfortable. What better way to pass the time than to grab the family and head to the waterpark. Plan the trip during a birthday and kill 2 birds with one stone. Happy Birthday Trina.

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Transformation Thursday – When You Were Young

Theme: When You Were Young
Type: Digital Design
Size: 12×12 Template
Sketch Inspiration: Kiddy Kit Designs. Sketch posted 11/28/2011
Materials: 1 photo
Paper: 3 – 2 patterns, 1 plain
Font: CK Simplicity
Main Colors: Black, White
Supporting Colors: Red
Embellishments: Frames, wordart, bellls, clouds, star, flowers, snow overlay
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Tips: Use texture to create a snowy outdoor feel
Goal: Reminisce the younger holiday years, when Santa still came down the chimney, and they were all aglow from anticipation of Christmas morning events.

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Template Tuesday – Featued Template: When You Were Young

Inspiration Source: Kiddy Kit Designs
Basic Materials: 12×12 design template, 4 Elements – 1 photo, 3 papers: 1 plain, 2 patterns
Supporting Materials: 2 fonts, color swatch
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Suggestions: Add texture to the paper to give the illusion of snow, add a decorative mask to the photo for a fun effect, use monotone supporting elements to make the photo pop
Upcoming: Check back 12/1/2011 for the final design

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